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Whether you're a student looking for a good project work, or a professional looking to impress his boss, or a coding/electronics enthusiast looking for help in your projects, this is the perfect starting point!

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Text & File Dumping Server

This is a text and file dumping serve which once hosted on internet you can dump any text and files in it and you can view your data at one click anywhere any time. Better substitute for google drive no need to google login anywhere anytime.

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Home Made PCB For ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module

Home Made PCB For ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module.

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Android App for College Fest

This is a Android App developed by us for college fest, this includes details about events, workshops, registration portal view from web app and volunteer login.

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A small infrared sensing collison detecting bot - BOLT

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Event Management System

A full featured event and volunteer management system to take realtime registrations anytime anywhere without paper receipt. Full paperless digital solution and centeralized management for the college fest.

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Digital clock without using RTC module

Digital clock without using RTC module.

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